Day 35 Drive in movies Mendon

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A great family night is driving a little out of the south shore area is the Mendon Drive in theatre. We try to get their once a year for some big action movie.

The Mendon Drive In is one of the best values for a family night out there is. The theater is located off of Rt 16 in Mendon and is not difficult to find or reach. The box office opens at 6:30pm on Fri/Sat and I would recommend showing up at least that early for a night with a big hit. The cost is $20 per carload, no per-person fee, and its a double feature. Yes, two movies for $20. The first show starts when it get dark out.

However you need to get there early! Arrive about 6:45 for an 8:30 movie and it was probably just under halfway filled. It was like a giant tailgate party – minus the grills. Kids running around everywhere playing catch, socceer and even some people playing cards! Lots of fun even before the start of the flick.

Check out the current shows at the Mendon drive in

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