Home Depot Kids Workshop South of Boston

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The Home Depot Kids Workshop is a  free class for kid held every month at Home Depot stores across the country and on the South Shore.  It is a great bonding time for moms and dads and the kids.   Kids  workshops  are now  back!!

When a child goes to the Home Depot Kids Workshop, they’ll get a free project kit they can complete and take home during they workshop. They’ll also get a free kid sized orange apron and an achievement pin for a job well done.


Types of Home Depot Kids Workshops:

The projects at the Home Depot Kids Workshop in the past have included fire trucks, birdhouses, picture frames, toolboxes, mail organizers, race cars, and planters just to name a few.

The projects at the Home Depot Kids Workshop are great for both boys and girls to complete and take home.

When the Home Depot Kids Workshops Happen:

The Home Depot Kids Workshop takes place the first Saturday of every month, usually starting at 9:00 a.m.

The Home Depot Kids Workshop is available at each and every Home Depot.

How To Attend a Home Depot Kids Workshop:

Visit the Home Depot Kids Workshop website to view the project for the upcoming Home Depot Kids Workshop.

Saturday 9-12pm
Picket Fence Planter – May 7, 2022
Constellation Viewer – July 2, 2022