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Pembroke MA Children’s Birthday Party Places 2023

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The following places in Pembroke   MA specialize in children’s birthday parties.

Updated for 2022

Yuan Yen Do Karate Centers

Center available in Cohasset and Pembroke

Host your next birthday party at your local Yuan Yen Do Karate Center! Your guests will participate in 60 minutes fun filled karate class as well as a GIANT Ninja Obstacle Course. After class, there is a 30 minutes party for cake and presents!

Ask your local master for more details!

90 minutes of non-stop fun!

  • A 60 minute Fun filled Karate Class
  • A GIANT Ninja Obstacle Course
  • A 30 minute party for cake and present time

Hidden Hollow horse  Birthday parties

The Best Kept Secret on the South Shore of Boston

We have 18 acres to explore! Each child gets a long pony ride and the Birthday Girl/Boy gets to ride twice! We have a large barn or a big party tent by the pond to celebrate your special day. Decorations are provided! Table cloths, matching balloons and banners. Let us make your day special.

The ponies and miniature horses love to be groomed, sparkled and ribboned. They are gentle, safe and kind.

Come and celebrate your Birthday here with a special Unicorn Themed Birthday Party. Or a Cowboy Party. Or a Pony Birthday Party of your own chosen theme. We will hold the parties outdoors under large party tents (on the South Shore of Boston in Pembroke MA).

Children will groom, sparkle and ribbon the ponies. It is a great introduction to riding, with ponies and horses that are gentle, safe, extremely well trained and all horse show contenders!

Each girl or boy will be taken on a long pony ride. And the Birthday Child gets to ride twice!

Boys love our Cowboy Themes, along with the frog pond.

We provide the Ponies, Unicorn, Balloons, Pony Handlers and a big pile of hay if you’d like to have a Hay Hunt! Piñata are welcome too!

A wonderful and fun experience for the whole family!

Parties are 2 hours and can be scheduled:
Saturday 1-3pm or 4-6pm
Sunday 10-12pm, 1-3pm, or 4-6pm

Maria’s Fashion Focus

Celebrate your daughter’s birthday with Fashion Focus, and leave the details (and the clean-up) to us! Create a memorable day for the birthday girl and her friends! We offer the best birthday parties on the South Shore!

Wolves Den Party Center

If you’re looking for a spot to host your kid’s birthday party then look no further than the Wolves Den! We have inflatables that will keep your kids having fun for hours. We also offer multiple other activities for kids of all ages including basketball, volleyball, soccer, kickball, & capture the flag. Food and drinks available as well. Below is the pricing for our parties & add-ons


Party Plan:

90 mins (60 mins play 30 mins food/cake)
Up to 15 kids
Private Server
Free Water & Speaker
Plates & Utensils

Massachusetts Gymnastics Center Pembroke 

parties available in Hingham & Pembroke

Celebrate your child’s next birthday with a fun-filled party at Massachusetts Gymnastics Center! Enjoy one full hour of exciting gymnastics activities incorporating obstacle courses, trampoline, parachute, and the foam-filled pit! As an added convenience, we have multiple options available to create the party you are looking for:

We Provide
Professional Staff
1 Hour of Gymnastics
1/2 Hour in Party Room
Paper Goods and Utensils
Juice Box
Hoodsie Cups

You Provide
Up to 16 Children
Goodie Bags (optional)
We Provide
Professional Staff
1 Hour of Gymnastics
1/2 Hour in Party Room
Balloons (1 balloon for each child)
You Provide
Up to 16 Children
Ice Cream
Goodie Bags (optional)

Pembroke School of Performing Arts

Host your next birthday party at the South Shore Dance Complex with invitations, music, dance instruction, crafts, table & chairs, pizza, juice boxes, napkins, plates, paper cups, goodie bags, special characters (upon request), staff supervision, setup and cleanup!

Are you looking for a location other than  Pembroke   for a kid’s birthday party check out the   South of Boston birthday party list